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Delhi Cryogenic Products, New Delhi

DCPL supplies Ingersol Rand USA air compressors used in oxygen gas plants designed as 4 stroke type along with suitable motors, electrical starters, motor pully, belts and inter stage coolers. The discharge pressure in this air compressor is 35-40 Kgs/cm2 depending the plant condiion and requirements. Air compressor should be maintained properly as per manufactures manual to obtain the maximum output and efficiency.
Ingersol Rand Compressor is built of the highest standard workmanship , more...

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Universal Industrial Plants Manufacturing Co.(P) Ltd., New Delhi

The free saturated air is sucked from atmosphere through a highly efficient dry-type suction filter into the first stage of the horizontally balanced opposed, lubricated reciprocating air compressor. Compressed air is chilled to 12°C in a chilling unit or evaporation cooler, compressed air passes through the coils of the chilling unit at a temperature of 12°C to a moisture separator, where the condensed moisture gets removed before entering into Molecular Sieve Battery. Before sending more...

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