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Hand Carpets & Rugs, New Delhi

since its golden age in the 16th century, the art of traditional rug weaving
has remained unchanged, though the level intricacy and artistic detail has grown.
Hands offers myriad patterns and personalities with its extensive collection of
traditional carpets, each one adding unique character to any interior. more...

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Address: No. 405, Ghitorni M. G. Road, New Delhi - 110030, Delhi, India Phone: +(91)-(11)-26503239 Website: http://www.indiamart.com/company/3540635/

Hands Carpets & Rugs, New Delhi

Hands is an integrated manufacturer, exporter and retailer of traditional & contemporary carpets and rugs since 1881. The quality and design of Hands Carpets and Rugs are among the best in the world. The wide range in one roof makes it easier to pick your choice of colour, type and size.For every style of architecture, every functionality, every lifestyle. The Hands collection is replete with highly contemporary designs, organic materials and patterns, art deco influences, Persian and Nepali more...

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Address: No. 405, Ghitorni, M. G. Road, New Delhi - 110 030, Delhi, India Phone: +(91)-(11)-26503239 Website: http://www.indiamart.com/hands-carpets-rugs/